New Faces At TKD

23 Mar

Saturday is Taekwondo day for us at Kim’s USA. By us, I mean my daughter participates while her parents sip convenience store coffee and watch. This past weekend, even her uncle was here from Houston to encourage her. After her typical back-to-back classes, we went to lunch to celebrate her mother’s birthday.

But Monday was very different.

At the end of her school day I brought her to a 5 pm class. She hadn’t been to a Monday class since she enrolled in February. When she looked around at the new faces she said, “this isn’t my class.” She was expecting to see the same kids from the Saturday class. I explained to her that these kids may not go on Saturday but they still know their Taekwondo—and she would learn a lot from them.

Reluctantly she went in. Within a few minutes my little “white belt” seemed comfortable and eventually got acquainted with a dozen or more new faces that day. The higher belt students were so good to her, patient and understanding. The instructor, who is always outstanding, encouraged her frequently as well.

She worked hard to continue developing the necessary skills at this stage, including the high kick and low block. Later, she had to hop on one foot while holding the other leg up in the air. She lasted longer than the boy she was competing against, and I could tell she felt very proud of herself.

When class was over, she came out hopping on one leg. My brave girl was far from timid by that time. She even asked if she would be in the next class. I explained that Saturday is the only two-class day, but I was thrilled to see that sense of commitment and dedication in her. With that kind of attitude, she might graduate to the next belt level very soon.


One Response to “New Faces At TKD”

  1. Your girl's mom March 23, 2011 at 4:00 am #

    Thank you for recording this sweet memory as our girl further develops her bravery.

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