Standing Still

14 Mar

It’s Spring Break but instead of flying somewhere or driving a lot, I’m standing still. I’m actually sitting down but I feel like my insides are moving faster than the environment around me. So I feel like I’m going nowhere at the moment.

The fact is, I’m putting forth energy in a lot of directions. My biggest responsibility (and the most rewarding one) is raising my daughter. While she’s on vacation, we’re spending the time in Houston with my brother. She’s wanted to visit Houston for awhile; she hadn’t been back since a weekend visit in October. It’s been so good to see my girl enjoy time with her uncle again, especially since we missed him during the entire holiday season.

Our week will consist of lots of playtime, Nick Jr. shows, trips to the park, card games, and much more. Maybe we’ll see a friend or two as well. She’s already made a new pal since we’ve been back. On Saturday she met a little girl who lives across the street from the park. By Sunday evening they were calling each other “sister.” I love seeing her embrace opportunities to make new connections in life.

I need some new connections, too. The professional kind is what I have in mind. Yes, my thoughts are returning to career matters while in the midst of a so-called vacation. I have no work lined up for this week or any week, for that matter. Despite my efforts to find paid writing gigs-and my frequent auditions as an actor-I have not a single gig or project coming up. Frustrating? Yes. Stressful? Of course. Overwhelming? Not really.

I spend a significant portion of every day searching for writing gigs and submitting to the suitable ones I find. On occasion I get a response. A fraction of the responses lead to paid gigs.

One of those gigs was writing an activity guide for WonderDads. The book is available through Amazon so I’m spending time promoting it and asking people to buy a copy and review it. I haven’t made a cent from it yet so it remains in the Experience Only category at the moment.

Thanks to my agents in Dallas and Houston, I audition in person or on tape at least once a week on average. I’ve had some great auditions in the last 2 months, but haven’t booked a single commercial, film role or TV role in that time.

Blogging about my parenting experience has been a helpful outlet. I also created a security guard character in a series of YouTube videos called “Overnight Protection.” These little creative ventures are ideal ways to keep me engaged in my crafts and help me actively pursue new ideas. It feels especially important to continue to cultivate my talents when paid gigs seem to be few and far between.

So Spring Break may feel like it’s moving terribly slow right now but I’ve really got plenty to keep me busy. I’ve got to pack up the rest of the belongings I’ve been storing here since I moved to the Dallas area several months ago. Also, since writing the first paragraph, I’ve stopped several times to play Hopscotch with my daughter, cut out a picture she drew and help her fly around the house while she’s wearing wings. Maybe I’ll pretend to fly her to the set of my next acting gig and we can both dream big for awhile.

But first, she’s got a question.

“Can we go to the park now?”

“In a few minutes. Hold on.” I replied.

“Daddy, I cannot hold it.”

“Yes, my dear, we can go now.”

I’m lucky. There’s no standing still at the park.

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