Bieber & the Book Fair

9 Mar

It’s Book Fair Week at my daughter’s school! For a little girl who loves books, it’s an exciting time.  She gets books sent home by her teacher, she saves money for trips to the bookstore, and she’s quickly learning new words to add to her extensive vocabulary.

Our bedtime reading routine has changed a bit, too. She’s now at the point where she and I take turns reading sentences. But I seem to be alone  in my efforts to put the books back on the shelves. Last night I had to move several books off the bed to make room so I could read to her. That was after stepping over a small sea of books on the floor.

Tomorrow her Kindergarten class will go to the Book Fair as a group. She will have access to a wide variety of books. She could pick a story about puppies. Or dinosaurs. Or ballet. But she’s got something else in mind.

“I want a Justin Bieber poster,” she reminded me as we went to school this morning. “Do you like Justin Bieber?”

“What about books?” I wanted to ask. But I didn’t. I took a deep breath and realized the Bieber Era has begun.

A week and a half ago she went to a Bieber-themed birthday party for a 9 year old friend. While we were there, a gaggle of girls squealed as they watched Bieber videos—and spoke unfavorably about poor Selena Gomez. My daughter watched the whole scene in awe but didn’t squeal once. I was safe, I thought. She must be immune to Bieber Fever, I assumed. I was wrong, of course.

The experience must’ve taken a few days to sink in, and now there’s no use in redirecting her. She’s made up her mind. In fact, last night when she first told me about her desire to own a Bieber poster, she mentioned that the poster comes with a book. It seems like you should buy the book and get a free poster. I didn’t say that to her though. There’s no use to trying to apply logic in this situation.

If her plan comes together tomorrow, she will be the proud owner of a brand new Bieber poster tomorrow. By tomorrow night, his fresh face will be on her wall, and I will have to see it every time I walk into her room. But Bieber is not the enemy; he’s an ally.

You see, Bieber doesn’t leave his books on the floor. Also, he always puts his toys away, and he likes to have a clean and organized room. He takes great care of his teeth, and brushes his own hair. He always respects his parents, and he respects other kids and their belongings. How do I know this? Hmm…I think I saw him say all of it in an interview once.

One Response to “Bieber & the Book Fair”

  1. Aunt Kathy March 9, 2011 at 8:02 pm #

    Yes, take advantage while you can of being able to use “little white lies” that are for the greater good. Soon enough she will say “show me where he said that”! For now, employ the trick. It’s like John Rosemond tells parents sometimes, tell your child “The Doctor” said whatever you needed him to say. Like, The Doctore says the reason you don’t pick up your books is because you’re too tired. That means you need to go to bed earlier for a week so that you will be rested enough to pick up. If you’re still not rested enough, he says you’ll have to continue with the earlier bedtime until you are. I wish I had had “The Doctor” (or Justin Bieber!) when mt kids were little! How come I didn’t think og that?

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