Be A Hero, Buy My Book

2 Mar

I wasn’t smart; I was lucky.

People talk about possessing an attitude of Gratitude. I have it, too. Plenty of it. I am grateful for the good luck that came my way last September when I was selected by WonderDads to write the Dallas edition of the company’s activity guide. I made a good case for hiring me based on my experience as a children’s television producer, a TV news writer and producer, an advertising and marketing copywriter, and the father of a wonderful little girl. I sold myself in a strong way and it paid off.

Then came the real work.

Writing a book with 400+ listings involved heavy-duty research, reaching out to contacts for recommendations, looking for creative inspiration, writing late into the night and sometimes all night, trying to convince “celebrities” to give testimonials about a not-yet-finished publication, and imagining the expression on my daughter’s face someday when the opportunity would come to bring her to any of the places I mentioned in the book.

I didn’t feel like a WonderDad while writing WONDERDADS DALLAS. I felt like a typical father trying to make a living doing what he loves with hopes of getting his life on track. At times, I felt worse.

During the entire writing process, I was supported by my brother and my ex-wife.  With few dollars to my name, I relied on them to make sure bills were paid and food was available. I know it wasn’t easy for either one of them. They made too many sacrifices for me during that time. They still do. I also have a few helpful friends who were quick to offer support in one form or another. I’m grateful for all of them.

Six months after the initial work on the book began, I am now actively promoting it. WONDERDADS DALLAS gets regular mentions on my social networking sites. Also, my hometown newspaper ran a feature story about it and a website in the county where I grew up mentioned it. My next goal is to book a few media interviews in the Dallas-Fort Worth market. As a former TV producer who booked hundreds of people for news and talk shows, I’m equipping myself to be a ready-made guest. I’m putting together segment ideas that will help demonstrate the ideas in the book, and I’m also looking for ways to use WONDERDADS DALLAS to find parenting-related public speaking opportunities.

I haven’t made a cent from the book yet. Then again, I wasn’t looking to get rich from an activity guide that sells for less than $15 on AMAZON. But it would be helpful to sell more than a few copies. Buy one today and be my hero. I’ll thank you by continuing to write and create worthwhile projects.

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